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Un ángel en mi mesa

Un ángel en mi mesa (1990)

7.6 /10 - 22525

Janet Frame grows up in a poor family. She is different than the other kids. She is considered abnormal and locked away in a mental institution for eight years. Everything changes when she starts writing books.


Título Original: An Angel at My Table

Año: 1990

Fecha estreno:

Género(s): Biográfico , Drama

Director: Jane Campion

Reparto: Kerry Fox, Alexia Keogh, Karen Fergusson, Iris Churn, Jessie Mune, Kevin J. Wilson, Francesca Collins, Melina Bernecker, Mark Morrison, Katherine Murray-Cowper, Mark Thomson, Brenda Kendall, Paul Moffat, Blair Hutchison, David McAuslan

Productora: Hibiscus Films, New Zealand Film Commission, Television New Zealand (TVNZ)